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Based in Southwark, the English and Media Centre (EMC) played host to our Year 13 English A-Level students to further their understanding of language and to learn in a university-style lectures, equipping them for the future ahead. The EMC is an award-winning independent education charity that supports staff and students to navigate millions of English publications and relevant research.

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EBS students had the opportunity to attend four lectures in December 2023, delivered by leading theorists in the field of language study:

The students said one particular highlight was Deborah Cameron’s session on Language and Misogyny, so we have a section below about Professor Cameron:

“Deborah Cameron is Professor of Language and Communication at Oxford University, UK. Her publications include The Myth of Mars and VenusVerbal Hygiene, The Feminist Critique of Language and her forthcoming book, Language, Sexism and Misogyny is published by Routledge in December 2023. She regularly contributes to broadcasts and podcasts on language and gender, and blogs at Language: a feminist guide.”

English and Media Centre

The students enjoyed it all and are excited for getting back into the classroom to go over what they learnt.

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