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the rapping science teacher in a lab coat crouching down

Have you heard of the Rapping Science Teacher? Well, he has been blowing up on social media over the last few years and many of his videos have gone viral! A former teacher, Matt Green is the Science Teacher we all wished we had when we were at school. Appealing to teenagers everywhere, his rapping videos are a great way to learn the different principles of Science and a fantastic method of remembering these facts in exams. It has been well documented that putting facts to music, or even listening to music whilst revising, can help to recall those facts when they are needed in the future.

We were elated when we were contacted by the Rapping Science Teacher, who wanted to use our school and our classrooms to record some of his videos. Obviously we jumped at the chance to help Matt out, and it was amazing to see the school (especially one of our new interactive screens!), on one of his YouTube Shorts.

We have included some videos below, but be sure to check out and follow the Rapping Science Teacher!

If you are interested in using our building for your next music video, then get in touch with our lettings company.

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