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Key Stage 3
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E. Richman
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C. Johns

History at KS3 is not only designed to enthuse, but to equip students with knowledge and skills that will prepare them to become life-long learners.

Our topics are carefully chosen and thoughtfully planned to promote critical thinking and independent enquiry, so that students are given the opportunity to challenge their misconceptions, build upon their curiosity of the past and consider the relevance to issues that confront all of us in the modern world. Our Year 7 course focuses on the theme of ‘Conquest and Settlement in Medieval Europe and the Arab World’, moving into ‘Religion, Empire and Industrialisation in the Early Modern World’ in Year 8, and Year 9 explores ‘Conflicts in the c20th World’. We are privileged to host a visit from a Holocaust speaker for Year 9 students, and various off-site visits, enriching opportunities that allow students to actively participate in historical issues that have meaning in the present day.

Curriculum Termly Breakdown by Year

Year 7

Term Unit of Work Assessment
Autumn 1 Introduction to history: what is history? Skills assessment.
Autumn 2 Medieval rule. Explain why William won the Battle of Hastings?
Spring 1 Medieval life. Was life hard for medieval peasants?
Spring 2 Medieval life. Was life hard for medieval peasants?
Summer 1 Medieval World: moving and travelling. What was the impact of the Arab World in medieval Europe?
Summer 2 Medieval World: moving and travelling. What was the impact of the Arab World in medieval Europe?


Year 8

Term Unit of Work Assessment
Autumn 1 Skills Unit
Ruling 1500-1750
Skills Unit – Assessment Ruling 1500-1750: ‘Henry VIII made the most important changes to religion during the Tudor period’. How far do you agree with this statement?
Autumn 2 Living and Working 1500-1750 Assessment: What was the greatest threat to people living in the period 1500-1750?
Spring 1 British Empire Assessment: Explain why Britain wanted an empire?
Spring 2 Transatlantic Slave Trade Assessment: How useful is Roots for learning about the Middle Passage?
Summer 1 Britain 1750 – 1900  
Summer 2 Civil Rights in the USA.  


Year 9

Term Unit of Work Assessment
Autumn 1 The First World War Explain: What were the causes of the First World War?
Autumn 2 The nature of trench warfare. How useful is source A for learning about the success of the British Army at Battle of the Somme?
Spring 1 The Road to World War II. Explain why Britain won the battle of Britain.
Spring 2 Was the Blitz Spirit a myth? Do you agree with Interpretation 1 that the Blitz spirit was a myth?
Summer 1 Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. Students are assessed during and at the end of each project; verbal feedback and levels are recording on a feedback matrix in students’ sketchbooks.
Summer 2 Protest and campaigns for equal rights. How useful is the film Suffragette for an enquiry into the success of the Suffragette movement?


Extended Learning

Year 7

Websites Read Visit or Watch Extra
    Simon Schama – A History of Britain, BBC iPlayer.  


Year 8

Websites Read Visit or Watch Extra
    Selma, PG13 (film about 1965 Selma to Montgomery voting rights marches led by James Bevel, Hosea Williams, Martin Luther King Jr., and John Lewis.  


Year 9

Websites Read Visit or Watch Extra
BBC Bitesize German History. Hitler’s Rise to Power, BBC Teach. Hitler: The Rise of Evil, 2003 film.  


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