Computing at KS3

coding on computer

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Key Stage 3
Head of Faculty
M. Duraku
Head of Department
M. Duraku

By the end of KS3, students will have learnt how hardware and software works together in computer systems.

Students will experiment with a variety of static and dynamic programming languages and produce a variety of digital artefacts including websites, smartphone apps, event driven games, text-based games and multimedia products. The KS3 curriculum also ensures that students are provided with the knowledge to deal with issues such as online gaming, social networking apps and computer misuse.

Curriculum Termly Breakdown by Year

Year 7

Term Unit of Work Assessment
Autumn 1 PSHEE / E-Safety / VLE use. Baseline test / poster.
Autumn 2 Introduction to software (Scratch). Assessment booklet and build log.
Spring 1 Webpage development. Practical work – website build log.
Spring 2 Game-making. Design, screenshots and review.
Summer 1 Party Planning Spreadsheets. Annotated spreadsheet.
Summer 2 Introduction to hardware (Micro:bit). Assessment booklet and build log.


Year 8

Term Unit of Work Assessment
Autumn 1 App development (App inventor). Build Log, screenshots and code blocks.
Autumn 2 Animation theory and practical. Design and the animation.
Spring 1 Micro:bit. Build Log: code blocks and screenshots
Spring 2 Game-making. Design screenshots and review.
Summer 1 PC support. In class assessment, verbal feedback.
Summer 2 Python programming. Build log.


Year 9

Term Unit of Work Assessment
Autumn 1 Publishing magazines. Magazine Cover practical.
Autumn 2 Computer crime. Online test.
Spring 1 Python programming. Build log.
Spring 2 Game-making. Design and review.
Summer 1 Animation. Design and the animation.
Summer 2 Networks and computer performance. Online test.


Extended Learning

Year 7

Websites Read Visit or Watch Extra
Scratch;; YoYo Games (GameMaker);
  Think You Know Code


Year 8

Websites Read Visit or Watch Extra
MIT App Inventor; YoYo Games (GameMaker); micro:bit; Python.   Think You Know Khan Academy


Year 9

Websites Read Visit or Watch Extra
YoYo Games (GameMaker);
Think You Know; The Guardian. Coding the News and
Ada Lovelace Day visits
to the Guardian.
Khan Academy; BBC Bitesize Computer Science.