Music at KS4

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Course ID
Edexcel 1MU0
Expressive Arts
Key Stage 4 (GCSE)
Head of Faculty
K. Eustace
Head of Department
R. Gough

We aim to foster and harness real talent by going further into composition and performance.

In following the exam board specification, students will be well-prepared for their final exam and will spend 2 years improving their analytical skills through rigorous and detailed study of various set works, ranging from pop rock to classical and world music.

Curriculum Termly Breakdown by Year

Year 10

Term Unit of Work Assessment
Autumn 1 Music Theory and Melody.
Analysis of SET WORK 1 Killer Queen by Queen.
Short composition following a set-brief. Written test based on set work. Solo performance.
Autumn 2 Practice ‘Brief’ Composition.
Introduction of Ensemble Playing.
Analysis of SET WORK 2 ‘Brandenburg Concerto’.
Short composition written in ‘Ternary Form’ structure. Written test based on set work.
Spring 1 Analysis of SET WORK 3 Defying Gravity.
Practice ‘Free’ Composition.
Written Test.
Spring 2 Analysis of SET WORK 4 ‘Release’
Performance of ‘Free’ Composition.
Recorded Compositions.
Written Test.
Summer 1 Revision Sessions.
Practice ‘Ensemble’ Performances.
Practice Papers.
Summer 2 Revision Sessions.
Performance of ‘Ensembles’.
Practice Papers.
Recorded Ensembles.


Year 11

Term Unit of Work Assessment
Autumn 1 SET WORK 5 Star Wars by John Williams.
Start ‘free’ composition.
Written test.
Autumn 2 Recording final ‘Ensemble’ performances. Finish off ‘free’
composition. SET WORK 6 Pathetique by Beethoven. Revision sessions.
Recorded ‘Ensemble’ performances. Recorded ‘Free’ compositions. Written test.
Spring 1 SET WORK 7 ‘Esperanza/Jazz Fusion’. Start ‘Brief’ composition. SET WORK 8 ‘Music For A While’. Written Test.
Spring 2 SET WORK 8 ‘Music For A While’. Record ‘Brief’ compositions. Record ‘Solo’ performances. Revision sessions. Written test. Recorded composition and performance.
Summer 1 Revision sessions/practice papers.  
Summer 2 GCSE Examination. GCSE Examination.


Extended Learning

Year 10

Websites Read Visit or Watch Extra
Edexcel Music Course textbook: Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Music Student Book (Edexcel GCSE Music 2016). The Musical Defying Gravity; the film Star Wars; any classical music concert or opera. Music Theory Club


Year 11

Websites Read Visit or Watch Extra
Edexcel Music; GCSE Bitesize Music. The AB Guide to Music Theory (Eric Taylor).   Music Theory Club, GCSE Coursework Club.