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We have been doing a lot of work recently looking at racial equality amongst students and staff. With over 1600 people in the building, we are a microcosm of todays society and therefore we have a responsibility to ensure the East Barnet Community feels safe and respected.

Last year, we jumped on board with Flair, who use data driven analytics to see where we need to do some more work, or where we are excelling. A variety of anonymous questionnaires are sent to staff and students to find out their thoughts and potential reactions to hypothetical situations. Flair then use this data to highlight any trends that have arisen, and work that needs to be done to overcome those potential or existing issues.

East Barnet School have found the whole experience of working with Flair to be invaluable, and we will continue to work with them, like other schools and companies such as The Premier League, BT, KPMG to name a few. We have adjusted the way we approach scenarios and also the way we educate the students in all lessons and particularly in PSHEE.

We were proud to be awarded their Bronze Award for our work on racial equality, and we look forward to continue this work in the future!

a blue background with the flair award that has been awarded to east barnet school for their racial equality work
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