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Receiving Chinese students into our school provides enormous value through shared culture and education. Our School Integration programme offers Chinese students aged 12-16 years the opportunity to experience life at a British school, including joining in lessons following the British curriculum, afternoon clubs and sports. They stay with local host families and get a taste of British food and to enjoy meals in a British family, so this is a truly immersive experience in everything.

The programme offers culturally enriching activities for both the Chinese and English students providing the opportunity to build friendships and exchange details of their lives which the students find very interesting. This experience provides the opportunity to develop social skills and interact with students of the same age but out of their normal social circle.

We were fortunate this year to welcome two groups of Chinese students, across two weeks from Jianping West Middle School. We hosted over 60 students who were able to experience lessons, experience visiting speakers and of course experience our amazing food! EBS students were really excited to make some new friends from a country so far away. The EBS community were also treated to farewell performances from the Chinese students in the form of piano playing, singing performances and an exchange of gifts.

We are really looking forward to having more visitors again in the future!

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